Dalsouple rubber is completely different from other resilient flooring products such as vinyl or linoleum. It is beautiful, tactile, flexible, warm and soft and available in a huge range of gorgeous colours, textures and patterns.

Dalsouple is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. It insulates, absorbs noise and resists both water and burns. It is slip resistant, supple, tough, practical and hygienic.

Dalsouple’s industrial/synthetic rubber (SBR) products (based on petro-chemical by-products) already compare favourably with some of its main competitors in terms of environmental impact, but the new

DalNaturel range takes things a great deal further in terms of sustainability. DalNaturel boasts over 90% natural ingredients, with all the rubber content being natural. Natural rubber is a wholly renewable raw material, and mature rubber trees are exceptionally efficient at absorbing harmful CO2 from the atmosphere. The flooring has a long service life and rubber can also be recycled several times. It has inherently low toxicity, particularly compared to PVC based flooring. An environmental life cycle performance that is worlds away from other resilient floor coverings.


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